Scientific Themes

We invite you to submit your abstract in relation to research and proficiency in Obesity-2020. Abstracts of all the related interest areas are accepted, but are not limited to the following sessions:

  • Obesity and its Causes
  • Functional foods for weight loss
  • Obesity and Cardiac Health
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Obesity and Cognitive Function
  • Clinical Endocrinology: Impact of Steroids & Hormones
  • Childhood Obesity and Nutrition
  • Effects of Obesity on Women Health & Pregnancy
  • Balanced Diet and Chronic Diseases
  • Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals & Functional Food
  • Anti Obesity Drugs and Weight Loss Supplements
  • Diabetic and Metabolic Disorders
  • Bariatric Surgery in Infertility
  • Molecular Mechanisms, Treatment, and Disparities of Obesity
  • Obesity in Teens and Adolescents
  • Yoga and Naturopathy
  • Food quality and food safety

For submitting your Abstract you can upload it using the submission form at: Online abstract submission Or alternatively by sending it to Email: